City Sport was founded by Victor Declercq in 1898 and is still situated in Belgium. Today the company is managed by 4th generation Tom Declercq and has through the years build up the name by delivering quality caps always.
All fabrics are of European origins as well the caps are 100% handmade in Belgium. The company has 45 people working fulltime and
a capacity of 120.000 caps per year.

Today HEADZONE is working as Scandinavian distributor and carefully selects both fabrics and shapes each season to fit the market.
The trend is booming at the moment and we offer high quality City Sport caps in styles that fits both young and trendy, as well as traditional old-school people.

Should you be needing a nice piece of headwear and are looking for the best quality possible, then we would for sure recommend you to try a City Sport cap. It will give you a perfect fit and great pleasure to wear.
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