It all started with a few rough sketches, a crazy new fabric called poly-weave spandex and a bunch of hat guys thinking "Cool". Those were the humble beginnings of the cap that was soon to be known all over the world as FLEXFIT.
Today, FLEXFIT has carved its own category of headwear, and they take pride in their originality and innovation. Being a level above is a driving force of this company and they will continue to do so in order to change the world, one head at a time.
FLEXFIT is owned by Yupoong Inc which was established in 1974 and for more than 40 years they have been dedicated to produce high quality hats. They currently export for more than USD100 million worth of hats to over 60 countries per year.
Their patented FLEXFIT products are recognized worldwide for top quality and they have developed to take a leading position in the global headwear industry. Today they have factories in the Dominican Republic, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Korea and produces more then 4 million caps per month and have a total of 10,000 employees.
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If you need embroidery or leather patch on your cap there is a min. buy of 72 pcs. total.


It's All About Comfort And Fit
FLEXFIT caps feature a patented technology that  weaves spandex into the sweatband and throughout the entire crown, providing a superbly comfortable fit.
Only the FLEXFIT brand features our patented Permacurv visor that maintains the original shape and curve.
Flexfit Shape Memory: Wrinkle proof fiber provides ultra durability whether it's rolled flat or folded it will maintain its shape.
Proformance: The cool & dry innovation provides breathability while also keeping you dry and wicks perspiration away.
Flexfit Mesh: Our patented stretchable polyester mesh provides superior comfort and innovation amongst trucker caps.
Anion Sweatband: Emit natural beneficial negative ions to improve body circulation and performance.
Flexfit Ever Fresh: Anti-bacterial fibers that are specifically designed to block odor, keeping your fresh on.
Permacurv: Technology allows hat visor to maintain its proper shape and curve at all times.
The One And Only
Since their inception, FLEXFIT caps have changed the way people look at headwear. They are the evolution of the fitted cap. By weaving spandex directly into the fabric and using a soft elastic headband, they have created a comfortable cap that fits any head size but maintains the integrity and classic structure of a fitted cap. This, as you probably can tell, offers the wearer the best of both worlds.

The FLEXFIT cap is designed to stay on the heads of even extreme sport thrill seekers. Thanks to the durable nature of the caps, putting on a FLEXFIT cap has never been more enjoyable.
The FLEXFIT headwear series have revolutionised the headwear industry by taken the classic fitted cap and then woven spandex into the fabric and used a soft elastic headband which basically eliminates the need for you to have a whole mess of sizes in your inventory. One more reason why FLEXFIT caps are
so popular is because they are the easiest to embroider and print. But don't take our word for it. Ask the top embroiders and screen pointers which cap they recommend most to prospective buyers.